Estimated Cost of Installation of An Air Conditioner

Many factors are responsible for the estimated cost of AC installation in Las Vegas. Before you ask for quotes from installers, you should have an idea beforehand to plan your budget accordingly.

Types of Air Conditioners

The three types of air conditioning systems available in the market for domestic and commercial usage are –

  • Portable systems
    As the name suggests, you can carry portable systems anywhere in your home as long as you can connect them to a power outlet. Though they consume less electricity, they have limited output. Their installation charges are cheaper than the other two systems.
  • Split systems
    Split systems are the most common type of air conditioning system in the market. They have a head unit and a condenser, and the installer installs both. They are suitable for single room usage. Since there are two parts, their installation charges are high.
  • Ducted systems
    Installers install ducted systems inside your ceiling and wall cavity. They can cool or heat your whole home efficiently. Since the installer will have to install the air conditioner and the duct system, their installation charges are significantly high.

If you do not know which system is the best for your home, you can contact any one of the HVAC companies in Las Vegas to assist you.

Size of Air Conditioner

Keep the structure of your home in mind before finalizing an air conditioner. The system should be suitable for your home; otherwise, you will face losses in the future. These are the factors:

  • Size of your home
    You will have to buy an air conditioner with a larger capacity for a large home. A small air conditioner will not do justice to your floor area. If there is more than one floor in your home, you will have to pay for each.
  • Ceiling
    Your air conditioner should have enough efficiency to cool rooms with high ceilings as the volume of the room increases. You can buy smaller air conditioners for rooms with lower ceilings.
  • Windows
    Windows act as insulators in your home. Heat rays enter through the windows and warm the rooms. Consider the location and number of your windows before purchasing a system.

Installers’ Charges

Your installer will fix their price according to your locality, the type of air conditioner, the number of systems, and their convenience to install it.

On average, installers charge $60-$110 per hour excluding GST for domestic installations and $80-$140 per hour excluding GST for commercial purposes.

For a wall-hung split air conditioner, the expected rates are –

  • $600 for a 2.5kW-3.5kW inverter system
  • $650 for a 5kW-6kW inverter system
  • $700 for a 7kW-8kW inverter system
  • $750 for a 9kW-9.9kW inverter system

You can also ask for quotes from various HVAC companies in Las Vegas to compare their rates and choose the best one for you. Installing an air conditioner can fetch you high bills. Let Chazell install your air conditioner at reasonable rates. Look for AC installation in Las Vegas or contact us at (702)-647-3355