How Do You Determine What Size Air Conditioner You Need?

An air conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances you have installed at your place, especially during the summer season. But what if your air conditioner fails to adequately cool your home? Isn’t that going to be awful? Before installation, you must determine the correct size of your AC unit that must be installed to ensure the maximum efficiency of your appliance. Schedule air conditioning service Las Vegas to take expert tips for the installation of your AC appliance.

Why Determine The Correct AC Size:

It’s necessary to figure out the right size for your air conditioner to ensure that it can cool your home to its greatest capacity. If an appliance is installed incorrectly, the following events should occur.

In The Case of an Unsized Air Conditioning Unit:

If an undersized AC unit is installed at your place, then your AC unit requires much more energy consumption to cool down the place to the desired temperature. The higher energy consumption leads to higher utility bills. It results in frequent AC repair in Las Vegas, NV, due to its overutilization. An undersized AC unit will also result in poor air quality.

In The Case of an Oversized Air Conditioning Unit:

If the air conditioner is oversized the AC unit will be able to cool down a room much faster than a regular AC system. But is this useful?

Investing in an oversized AC unit implies that your AC unit will be experiencing short cycles. This means that your AC unit will be fluctuating between switching on and off. Shorter cycles result in poor air quality as there will be humidity that builds up in the room, and it results in higher energy consumption.

How to Determine The Size of the AC Unit:

Three things influence the size of your air conditioner: the BTU, the size of your home, and the height of your ceilings.

BTU: The required size of your AC unit is determined in terms of the British Thermal Unit (BTU). This is the minimum measure that is required to cool your home.

Size of your home: The size of your home is measured in sq. ft. To measure the size of a room take a tape and measure the length and the width. When the length and the width of the room are multiplied you get the square feet. Repeat this process for your entire home. On average, 25 BTU is required to cool 1 square foot of your home. For a room, multiply the total square feet with the BMU to get an accurate measurement.

Ceilings- Some rooms have very high ceilings. Suppose the height of the ceiling of a room is greater than 8ft, then the BTU will increase. Multiply the BTU by 25% to get an accurate measure.

For example, let’s consider installing an AC unit for a 1500 sq. ft home, then the required AC unit must have 37500 BTU. To deduct the tonnes required, further divide the number by 12,000. Therefore a three tonnage AC unit is required.

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