How To Troubleshoot Your AC Problems?

It is common for a frustrated homeowner to call AC services in Las Vegas to solve the air conditioning problem they could have easily solved by themselves! So, to help you save money and regain comfort, we have listed some troubleshooting techniques to help you solve various basic AC issues.
Let’s look at what to do and understand the specific AC problems you can solve by checking the items above.

 1. Check If The Air Filter Is Dirty

When you encounter AC issues, try to use the following AC troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check if the air filter is dirty
  2. Check the thermostat settings
  3. Check the air conditioner circuit breaker
  4. Check the outdoor unit.

AC Problems caused by a dirty filter:

  • Low airflow from air vents
  • Evaporator coils are frozen
  • Water leakage issues from your AC
  • Insufficient cooling

What To Do: Look at your air filter. If the filter becomes dirty, replace the filter. The dirty filter can clog your air conditioning system. This debris limits the amount of air that your air conditioner can breathe.

If your AC does not have enough air to flow into the system, it will cause many air conditioning problems and eventually cause the entire system to fail.

 2. Check The Thermostat Settings

AC problems caused by incorrect thermostat settings:

What To Do: Go to the thermostat and make sure it’s set to “COOL” instead of “HEAT”.

3. Check The Air Conditioner Circuit Breaker

A problem caused by circuit breaker tripping:

  • AC Won’t Turn On

What To Do: Go to your home’s main switchboard and look for a circuit breaker that is not in the on position. If your circuit breaker is clearly labeled, look for a circuit breaker labeled “air conditioning” or “AC”. If the AC circuit breaker trips, turn the circuit breaker to the ‘ON’ position safely. And try to switch on the AC again.

If the circuit breaker trips immediately once the air conditioner starts, do not open the circuit breaker again. You need to call in air conditioning service in Las Vegas.

4. Check The Outdoor Unit

A problem caused by the dirty outdoor unit:

  • The utility bill is higher than usual
  • AC doesn’t provide sufficient cooling.

What To Do: Go outside and look at your outdoor AC unit like a condenser. If you see a layer of dirt on the condenser, use a soft hose to remove the dirt. However, if you do see a thick layer of dirt on the condenser, we recommend that you contact a professional AC service in Las Vegas for a more thorough cleaning.

If you have tried all the methods in this list but still have AC problems, you need a professional air conditioning repair in Las Vegas to diagnose and repair your AC unit.

We are always happy to help with AC troubleshooting for you! Give us a call at (702) 647-3355!