Run Air Conditioner Without Burning A Hole In Pocket

Most of us are staying at home due to the pandemic, and one issue many people are having is paying high electric bills, which is related to the excessive usage of AC in our homes. We’ll provide you with some valuable points for lowering your AC power consumption and your electricity expenses.

1. Constant Temperature

  • We understand that you want your AC to operate at the lowest setting possible on the warmest and most humid days, but this is not the most efficient way to utilize it.
  • It is preferable to set your AC at a constant temperature between 18 – 21 °C rather than allowing it to work overtime to discharge chilly air.

2. Turn On The Fan

  • Use your unit’s fan setting on warm days.
  • Although the breeze produced by the fan is not as frigid as that produced by the cooling setting, it is nice and less expensive than using the cooling function.

3. Set a Timer

  • When the AC is used while no one is home or during the coldest hours of the day is needless and will quickly add to your electricity bill.
  • Instead, use the ACS timed setting to ensure it only goes on when people are at home.
  • Setting it to start just when you get home from school or work, for example, is a great way to ensure you walk into a cool oasis.

4.  Avoid Using The Automated Mode

  • The automatic mode appears to be your closest buddy, but don’t be misled.
  • When your device is set to automatic, it will keep a consistent temperature, which means that if your room is too cold, it will overheat to maintain the actual temperature, and vice versa if the room is too hot.

5. Turn On The Dehumidifier

  • The true killer in the summer is usually the humidity.
  • Instead of only utilizing the cooling mode, use the dehumidification option on your AC to reduce humidity and improve your comfort.

6. Shut The Door

  • Close the bathroom door to prevent hot, humid air from entering the air-conditioned room.
  • If someone is showering, ensure the door is closed to prevent people from getting too hot. Close the door in which AC is running to keep a single room cool.

7. Clean Filter

8. Energy-Efficient Device

  • To install AC is a significant investment in your home, and you’ll want to get it correctly the first time.
  • To receive the most benefit, make sure to buy an energy-saving model.

9.  Appropriate Size

  • It can be tough to select whether to get a large or small AC, but it is critical to do so appropriately.
  • Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas knowledgeable staff will recommend the exact size to best suit your needs.

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