Trish S.

It is very, very rare for me to comment on a company or product but this company truly stands out. I have used them for a number of years. They are always on time, prices are reasonable and they always explain to me what they are doing. I have had a problem in one of my homes where one unit cools one side of the house a lot more than the other side. I have never mentioned it because I thought that was an issue that could not be fixed. Recently while having one of my units serviced I mentioned this to the technician. He explained to me that there was an option that may work but told me he would like to bring someone back out with him to test the system. The technicians always are diligent in their work and I felt this was just another example. When the technician came back a few days later the other person he brought with him was the owner. Between the two of them they went through the entire system and found yet a second option that would be less expensive! This company and their employees are extraordinary.